Company Outline

Hokuto Design Office Co., Ltd., registered office of first-class architects
Representative Executive Officer/President: Issei Watanabe

Head Office Address
2-1-31 Higashiyama, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido, 041-0835
Phone: 0138-56-4069 FAX: 0138-56-4068
Branch Office Address
Tsukisamu Higashi 1 Jo, Toyohira-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 062-0051
Phone: 011-858-4069 FAX: 011-857-4068
Design Division/Construction Division/Sales Division/Quantity Survey Division/Material Division/Engineering Division (carpentry
Work Location
141 Nakanocho, Kameda, Hakodate-shi, Hokkaido
Registered Licenses
Construction License/Hokkaido Governor Approved (General-23) (To) No. 02484
Registered First-Class Architect Office/Hokkaido Governor Registration (To) 289
Licenses held by Employees
First-class architect (5)/Second-class architect (3)/ First-Class building operation and management engineer (3)/Registered real-estate broker (2)
Certified quantity surveyor (1)/ Interior planner (2) / First-class color coordinator (1) / Interior coordinator (1)
Main Banks
Mihara Branch of Hokkaido Bank /Goryokaku Branch, Hokuriku Bank
Member Organizations
Hokkaido Society of Architects & Building Engineers
The sixth Otaru Cityscape Award [Otaru Ginrinso]
Hakodate-shi West District Historical Townscape Award [Sōma-tei]
The 21st Hakodate-shi Cityscape Award [Honma-tei]
Lines of Business
1. Contracting of construction work
2. Design and supervision of construction work
3. All work-related to items above
Work Content
Constructions of wooden structures/Reinforced concrete constructions/SRC building constructions
Houses/stores/clinics/Sukiya-style architecture/tearooms/commercial buildings/office buildings/reforms (houses/stores/other)
Furniture/landscape/external works/facilities (water supply and drainage, sanitation, air conditioning, electricity)
*Designs/planning related to above and all related constructions
*When designing new constructions, construction models are created for proposals

Head Office

Branch Office


March 1983
Acquired a construction license in Hakodate-shi, established Hokuto Design Office.
June 1984
Established Hokuto Design Office Co., Ltd.
May 1985
Hokuto Design Office registered as a first-class architect office
December 1988
First edition of work compilations released
December 1991
Constructed/moved the head office building
February 1992
Increased the capital to ten million yen
June 1993
The sixth Otaru Cityscape Award [Otaru Ginrinso]
October 1993
Hakodate-shi West District Historical Townscape Award [Sōma-tei]
June 1994
Constructed a duplicate of the “Taian teahouse (national treasure)” on the first floor of the head office
August 1996
Second edition of work compilations released
August 2002
Opened a website
March 2008
Repair construction of the important cultural property “Hassoan” (Sapporo)’s recessed ceiling
August 2008
Constructed permanent show houses (Hakodate)
April 2010
Sapporo Branch opened
April 2010
Permanent show house I (Sapporo) constructed
April 2013
Constructed the Sapporo Branch office. A 4.5-tatami-mat space tearoom was constructed on the first floor of the branch
(the tearoom is available for rental)
May 2015
Permanent show house II (Sapporo) constructed
July 2015
Website for international customers opened
October 2016
The 21st Hakodate-shi Cityscape Award [Honma-tei]
June 2019
Expanded the Sapporo Branch
November 2019
Renewed the permanent show house in Hakodate
August 2023
Constructed permanent HOKUTO’shouse (Sappporo)
March 2024
42th anniversary
March 2024
Sapporo Branch opened 14th anniversary