Cave House

Cave House

Sapporo Showroom

Once you step through the entrance, you will be greeted by the sight of a beautiful plant in the sky court through the showroom’s front door opening (FIX glass).

The entrance has been designed to make both the owner and guests feel comfortable entering or leaving the house by incorporating visual elements from the garden.

Opening the door of the entrance hall leads you directly to a 30-jo (48.6m2) interior with an LDK layout.

The open-concept kitchen makes cooking and serving dishes a breeze. The laundry area is directly beside the kitchen, making it extremely convenient to perform your house chores in one place.

With a top area that features a curved atrium ceiling, the living room is also flanked on both sides by the sky court, allowing it to draw on the house’s external spatial elements. This design makes the living room a surprisingly relaxing space.

The 2F hall extending from the top area of the living room serves as a “tiny living room” that is perfect for taking a break.

The 4.5-jo (7.3m2) Japanese-style room on 1F has been designed with an emphasis on classical Japanese aesthetics by creating a view of the external courtyard and its “water mirror” in a “tokonoma” recessed-space style.