Gallery House

Gallery House

Built in a quiet residential district of Sapporo, this house was designed with “spaciousness” in mind to allow the owner couple to fully indulge in the wonderful Scandinavian furniture and lighting equipment that they have amassed as their hobby.

Installing a glass windbreak room along the building’s front stone-veneer wall and a horizontal eave that hangs over the aluminum louver imparts a sense of calmness to the house.

The external appearance of the entrance resembles that of a restaurant or a gallery, and looks nothing like a house at first glance. However, the couple living here is currently raising their children, and turning on the lights in the house as dusk falls allows the louver to protect the family’s privacy by offering only glimpses into their wonderful everyday lives.

This building has been designed with the patio as its main approach and surrounded by the entrance hall, LDK, and water fixtures, which allows the inhabitants to freely move between the inside and outside while basking in the pleasant sunshine and enjoying the greenery of the patio.

The 40-jo (64.8m2) LDK has been designed with a split-level concept, sloped ceilings, and indirect lighting to create a space where the room’s most interesting aspects can be enjoyed wholeheartedly.