Welcoming House

Welcoming House

Winner of the 21st Hakodate City Urban Design Award

This house owned by Mr. H was built on a plot with a width of 40m from one end to the other, and is known for being a particularly large building in its neighborhood.

Yet, its almost level layout with the exception of a small area gives it a clean external appearance without any aura of intimidation. On the contrary, it has successfully lifted the image of its surrounding area.

This building which serves as an elegant landmark has been designed with the courtyard as its locus, allowing the owner to walk along a 360-degree path from the entrance that brings him to the LDK and the water fixtures.

Although this is indeed a sizable house, the placement of its courtyard ensures that the area does not feel excessively large.

Another attractive feature of this house is how its different areas allow the owner to experience different gradations of natural lighting and wind depending on the time of the day and as the seasons change.

One of the owner’s requests when renovating the house was a functional kitchen that is well-equipped with a wide range of cooking equipment, as he prepares a meal to entertain guests once a month as a means of relieving stress. The owner’s lively and vibrant lifestyle which involves lots of food, drinks, and laughter will surely create many wonderful memories for the golden years of this sociable couple.